Direct access to the demo software features

This button allows you to use the "form on the web" functionality. A feature we can use for the feedback forms supporting the use of forms based data collection and data entry, like feedback forms, without having to register as a user.


Usage instruction

Navigating the web client and the Java client.

When you are logged in you see a tool bar and a white page, your dashboard is empty. To use the demo features we programmed please click on "user processes" in the top menu. In "user processes" you see SPG on the left, the base node of you software function tree. Click on "SGP" and then on "SGP Project management".

When you hover the mouse over the features "Country snapshot" "Compare" "% Statistics" and "Export projects" an information field will tell you a bit about the respective software feature.

When you want to navigate to the document service please click on the documents service menu item to the right of the user processes. If you want to look at all the database in the virtual office please go to the persistence menu item to the right of documents. Under persistence please click on the “+” symbol to expand the tree.

To log out there is a log out button on the far upper right hand corner of you web based virtual office interface.

Login page to the demo software features

This link is the entry point to a virtual office, for registered users to access their specific software features like feedback form, own account informations, own grant information, certain monitoring, reporting and indicator tracking features.


Client download instruction

Instructions how to download and install the client.


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