IXP's Form on the web PLUS

is a visual programming tool embedded in a delivery platform making programming

simple and easy - simply visual



Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Current visual form tools are centric around the form as a Graphical User Interface (GUI), with the ability to send the form and its content to an email of your choice.

We have been able to include next to the GUI also the Algorithm and Database(DB) layer in our visual programming environment.

Including the Algorithm and DB layer in the visual programming environment makes it easy to replace the sending of email feature with complete software functions; algorithmic expressions and data manipulation saving them in a database.



Closing the gap between Visual programming and Coding

IXP's Form on the web is about is a visual tool/service closing the gap between current visual programing tools with which you create forms and then email the information to your email, and professional text based programming (coding) environments with which professional coders write software features including forms, algorithms to further manipulate data and store data in databases.

IXP's Form on the web is about enabling you to visually program what professionals can only accomplish through coding.

IXP's Form on the web is about faster, easier programming of more powerful Forms and related server side software features.







The power of IXP's Form on the web PLUS services

A demonstration of the power of IXP's Form on the web PLUS services algorithm layer is the example of a calculator. creating a sign up of feedback form you already have the need for some advanced algorithms. A calculator, like a body mass index calculator are yours to realize graphically in IXP's Form on the web PLUS, to demonstrate the power of our graphical programming environment.











Form on the web PLUS connectivity

Like a internet of things (IoT) service, you will be able to connect IXP's Form on the web PLUS service with other services and devices.





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