Sales automation
Fast, flexible implementation
Ease of use, anywhere access
NO hardware costs - NO license fee



Identify new selling opportunities
Increasing your sales team efficiency
Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention
Better organized data about customer details and order histories
Develop better relationships with your existing and future customers

100% programmable by non-programmers






IXP's CRM is the result of the collaboration between our CRM consultant and the IXP visual programming expert. IXP's CRM 54+ software features are based on 316 activity diagrams, X-flowcharts. At any time you can change the software features through these X-flowcharts simply and easily without having to code or know much programming.

CRM light

CRM complete

supports the regular communication of sales and service departments with the customers: It automates all sales related activities from prospecting, selling (sales calls, contract management) and maintaining an active sales relationship (callcycle management, maintenance calls).
Tracking sales activities enables analysis of the interactions with the customers, both open activities and historical(closed) activities.
Administrative tasks
Set up and manage: Products/Services, Territories, Marketing status/priorities, Call cycle management, Sale contract, Terms of delivery, Service Recovery Categories.
CRM users
Define CRM user's role and access rights to avoid the abuse of business critical data and uncontrolled changes into administrative set-up.
Customer Service
It interacts with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products or services, to handle and resolve complaints.
Customer Management
Add and organize company customers.
Create and manage marketing projects. Promote your products/services, set targets and responsible employees.
Performance Management
Measures the individual performance of employees versus predefined targets relating to their roles.
Sales functionalities are focused on helping the sales team to execute and manage the sales process better and in an organized manner.
In addition to the CRM complete we offer a custom add on which, adds and links in with the customer related processing and coordination of marketing campaign activities (campaign management, including targeting, resource planning, campaign call automation, managing follow - up activities and evaluating the outcome).
It monitors the history of a customer: from the unknown suspect, becoming a prospect, an existing customer with all possible scenarios in between. Commercial Management comes up with details about the trading patterns and business opportunities in the customer base.
Finally, Quality Management measures the quality performance of the sales - and service departments and points out cross - functional opportunities for improvement by evaluating inquiries and complaints. Everything at hand to provide a sophisticated service, aiding in the continuous satisfaction and retension of customers.
Related additional workflows:
  • campaign budgeting
  • campaign calls
  • campaign description
  • call interference management
  • commercial data management (several)
  • sales leads management
  • resource planning
  • target selection
  • quality management (several)

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